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···April 24th 2008···    Pack of Lions vs Herd of Water Buffalo vs Some Crocodiles. The Most Amazing Nature Footage I've Ever Seen! (South Africa)

···April 10th 2008···    New Post Coming Soon..  But In The Meantime...

WICKED SUPLEX!!!  Check out this unsuspecting lady totally PWN this purse snatcher!!

Well, Gotta lot to rap to you all about so I had better get my s*** together and post something. Lateley I have only been posting to The Best Blog EVVAARR!! However right now I'm frickin tired from working 2 jobs to pay for my lavish lifestyle, so I promise I'll catch up with you soon.

···Oct 25th 2007···    Blog Finally Updated!!

Check it out Here, Here and Here!

It's about time I finally got it up and running! I'm still in the process of testing it, and cleaning up the code a little, but for the most part she is live.

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···Oct 24th 2007···    California Wildfires Continue to Burn Out of Control

Living in San Diego, we have come accustomed to wildfires and the wrath they bring with them. Fortunately so far, the death toll has been slim compared to the 2003 fires, and it seems like we are really pulling together as a community to help those devestated by the fires. One thing that really burns me though, (pardon the pun), are those snake in the grass "looters". It takes a real chunk of slime to try and steal from families who are displaced by this travesty. I heard on the radio that they just arrested a bunch of people acting as if they were fire victims, taking blankets, pillows, etc from those who are really in need. I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If you can, please try and donate something to the cause, whether it be money, blankets, toiletries, food (animal and people), etc, and send them to one of the many charities involved with this disaster.

Here is a list that I will update periodically...

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···Oct 16th 2007···    Rockies Sweep Diamondbacks

Just about everything has gone right for the Rockies recently, as they have compiled an incredible 21-1 run from the end of the regular season to now. This has led many to believe that they are a team of destiny as they go after their first World Series title.

Check the Rockies Homepage for More...

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···Oct 15th 2007···    Chargers On A Roll!!!

We did it again. Our 28-14 victory over the Raiders might not look as pretty as our victory against the Denver last week, but it sure was sweet.

LaDanian Tomlinson rushed for 198 yards and scored 4 touchdowns on Sunday, continuing to make the Raiders defense look like high school.

Check the Chargers Homepage for More...

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